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Submitted By: Arpit Bajpai (13PGP070)

Section – B, Group – 8

As all of us are going to analyze a lot of data we need a reliable tool to do it. SPSS is a good tool but there are heavy costs associated with it. It may happen that the companies where we would be going to work, do not have any data analysis tool. And to be a manager we need to analyze data, which cannot happen without a great tool. Also Excel is not having all the required features for analysis. Therefore, we must look for an alternative.

I am writing this post to introduce you to such a tool: R

It is a tool that is being used widely across the world. As it is free and simple to use (you just need to learn programming to do this) big people have shifted to R.R is very high-quality software that can do an enormous range of things, including both simple and cutting edge stuff.

Benefits of using R:

  1. R is available under open source licence. It means you can get it absolutely free.
  2. R is available for all the platforms (Windows/ OSX/ Linux).
  3. R Supports extensions: R performs a wide variety of functions, such as data manipulation, statistical modeling, and graphics. One really big advantage of R, however, is its extensibility. Developers can easily write their own software and distribute it in the form of add-on packages. Because of the relative ease of creating these packages, literally thousands of them exist. In fact, many new statistical methods are published with an R package attached.
  4. R is super interactive and its output can be used for another task in an easy manner.
  5. The base R software comes with a decent array of capabilities, but it has a built-in system for allowing you to download user-contributed packages of additional functions (which are also all free, open-source software). There are THOUSANDS of those packages, many of which are cutting-edge methods that won’t see the light of day in commercial software for a long time.

Apart from R has a great benefit. Since you need to do programming for using R, it is highly likely that you would end up as a better analyst after using R, as programming forces one to think in more creative manner.

Therefore, I would highly recommend to use R and save high costs. As a future manager you can use this to analyze a lot of data without even asking your organization for SPSS. If you are going to start a business, then it would save costs for you and would help you in taking better decisions.

Go To: http://www.r-project.org/

For tutorials go to: http://www.datacamp.com


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