Research methods:


In this, a certain sample size is taken and questions were asked to them verbally, written or online. Their responses are recorded in required manner.

In the exciting world of business any untested idea is considered to be a pitfall. So before investing millions of dollars in designing the product the companies go for market research to know the consumer’s wants. Millions of dollars are spent for this research.

In order to save time and money the companies are going for online surveys. To attract consumers the customers are even giving incentives to whoever participating in the surveys.

Surveys are quantitative primary research. Surveys on internet are much cheaper than written or verbal. It is also noticed that the incidence rate for online surveys is high compared to others because people can complete the survey in their own time unlike phone surveys.

The companies can use the available software programs to generate a survey in very less time and distribute online. A software program called Listen up! Also includes pre-made survey templates and also tips to write your own survey, list and delivery management tools, tracking and reporting.

The major disadvantage of the online survey is it can be fraud. There are some security measures that a company can use to reduce the fraud and maintain high panel integrity.

  • Minimum time frame. Minimum time should be set to complete the survey which in turn cuts down the cheaters who just go through survey randomly answering questions
  • Block “straight line” answers. The software should reject any surveys that come back with same number or letter chosen for all questions.
  • Block IP addresses. If anyone is caught cheating, block his or her IP address from submitting any future surveys. The amount of surveys that can be submitted from any one IP address to cut down on multiple submissions.
  • Open-ended questions. Including at least one short-answer, essay type question that can be analysed for thoughtfulness can curb the amount of fraud as cheaters won’t take time to answer such questions.

Reward system

Talking about the reward system, there are websites who pay in cash to the people participating in the survey. Others award points which are cashed in rewards. There is a sweepstakes system, in which a person who submits a survey is eligible for a daily or weekly grand prize.

Websites like e-Rewards are pure survey sites, while a Web site like MyPoints allows you to earn points by shopping online at affiliated businesses like iTunes and, using your MyPoints credit card, playing online games and taking surveys.

Many of the larger paid survey sites like Survey Bounty have links to market research firms that pay kids cash to complete surveys. Some surveys are for kids as young as 13 years old, while others have a minimum age of 16. It’s typical for kids survey sites to require a parental permission letter to participate, especially for kids under 16.

At sites like SmartGirl, an unpaid opinion and review site for tween and teenage girls, kids are encouraged to take surveys, post advice and share opinions and ideas on a wide variety of topics. Researchers have found that young women in particular are much more likely to share honest opinions and reveal private thoughts through anonymous online surveys and discussion boards than in real-world interviews


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