Usage of Excel Pivot Table for First level Data Analysis

We have learnt and enjoyed doing first level data analysis using SPSS, but Excel pivot table is another tool which can be used for same purpose. Which is the better tool among the both depends on one’s expertise in handling those tools and type of analysis. In Pivot table, I found it easy to switch between different types of cross tabs you create, export the outputs to word doc for reporting as both are Microsoft applications.

Advantages of using Pivot table:

  1. Simple tool if you have basic knowledge on using this tool.
  2. Easy to switch among different types of analysis you do, which increases you work speed.
  3. Being a Microsoft application easy to export data into MS word for reporting.
  4. Easy to represent the analysed data in graphs, where we are already familiar with handling excel graphs.


  1. Not user friendly for handling very high level analysis.
  2. It can handle many statistical tools like Chi-square etc., but SPSS is much better and gives more depth for high level analysis.

Explaining about the entire functioning and use of Pivot table (and consequently, reading it) would be cumbersome. It would be better to watch the following videos in order to understand how the Pivot table works.

Section B_Group 5_Pramod Marapalli_13PGP100


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