Advantages of Focus Groups:

There are specific advantages why companies go for focus group studies in the process of business research and they could be arranged in the following manner:

Synergy: The group effort will produce a wider range of information, insights, and ideas than will the aggregation of private responses from a number of individuals.


Snowballing: A bandwagon kind of effect often happens in a group discussion. A comment by one individual often triggers a chain of responses from the other participants. This kind of brainstorming helps in perceiving the point of research from diversified perspectives.


Serendipity: It is more often the case in a group than in an individual interview that some new idea props out.


Stimulation: As the discussion goes by amount of participation from different team members increases. This stimulating environment makes the discussion more effective and outcome more productive.


Security: In a well-structured group, the individual usually can be in the comfort zone for the very fact that his or her feelings are similar to those of others in the group. One is more likely to be candid because the focus is on the group rather than on the individual; the participant soon realizes that the things said are not necessarily being identified with him or her.

Spontaneity: Because no individual is required to answer any given question in a group interview, the individual’s responses are more spontaneous. They would actually reflect the person’s position on the issue.


Specialization: The group interview allows the use of a professional interviewer (moderator) and this would help in organizing the discussion in a smoother and healthier manner.


Structure: The flow of the discussion could be easily formulated and implemented. The moderator has the opportunity to reintroduce topics that were when initially presented.


Speed: The group interview permits securing a given number of interviews more quickly than does interviewing individual respondents.


Scientific scrutiny: The group interview allows the research team to scrutinize closely. First, the session can be observed by people of different mindsets; this affords some check on the consistency of the interpretations. As the session can be tape recorded or videotaped later the detailed examination of the recorded session can offer in depth information and analysis of the content discussed.


     With the advantages mentioned above focus group studies can be concluded as one of the best exploratory research methods which could help in ameliorating the quality and outcome of research.


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