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Gamification is the use of gaming principle techniques,  gaming psychology, game design principles, game mechanics/ dynamics, player journey, game play scripts, storytelling, and any other aspects of games to engage users in a learning experience, interaction, awareness, addiction, competition, collaboration, observed player behavior during game play in education, work, health and fitness, etc.

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It helps leverage analyzing skill of people working individually or in a team and solve situation based problems which incites competitiveness and zeal to excel and accomplish tasks and reach top of the leaderboard. Existing tasks are sometimes made more challenging and interesting and equipped with tutorials, narratives etc. which helps people reach zenith with a high learning curve.

Gamification uses many data-driven methodologies. These methodologies motivate users to achieve outcomes that are meaningful to businesses which leads to smart work, to contribute more frequently, learn more, make the company’s new platform part of the daily workflow.  Gamified environments are added to customer communities, branding campaigns etc. in need of a motivated audience. It helps add engagement and fun to otherwise boring tasks. With every activity that players perform, a record is stored in the platform to track a player’s achievements for appropriate feedback. It provides a sense of progression and accomplishment.

E-learning through Gamification promotes collaboration and strategy skills building while also aligning passion and commitment to competition and has the incredible ability to overcome major challenges by using a combination of visual and audio components to deliver the learning message. Graphical concepts replace paragraphs of difficult text and moving images are created to guide the learner visually and dynamically through concepts or to virtual display. Gamification has the capability to overcome language and literacy barriers, irrespective of different education levels as it takes the onus away from text-based learning and encourages fun based learning.

New set of tools, technologies, design disciplines and frameworks are allowing us to do Gamification in the workplace in a more scalable and repeatable way. In today’s evolving and dynamic world, technology is the motivating force that is driving workplace training. Continuous training is bringing significant increase in employee performance and employee engagement, which directly impacts productivity and profitability. It is helping employees achieve competency and the skillset required for the job. Gamification allows learners to attain information, and encourages them to share that information and collaborate with their peers with fun filled experience. Gamification has the mettle to be the future of learning and working.


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