Research Problem and Objectives

The Research Problem

There are five factors to be considered while determining whether a problem is researchable or not. These are:

The problem exists in the locality or country but there are no known solutions to the problem.

The solution can be answered by using statistical methods and techniques.

There are probable solutions but they are not yet tested.

The occurrence of phenomena requires scientific investigation to arrive at precise solution.

The research is undertaken to address societal needs or problems of the people.

Characteristics of a Research Problem

Specificity. The problem should be specifically tested.

Measurability. It is easy to measure by using research instruments, apparatus or equipment.

Achievability. The data are achievable using correct statistical tools to arrive at precise results.

Realistic. Real results are attained because they are gathered scientifically and not manipulated or maneuvered.

Time-bound. Time frame is required in every activity because the shorter completion of the activity, the better.


Criteria of a Good Research Problem

Interesting. An interesting research problem attracts the attention of the researcher and other people to conduct the research project even without incentive or research grant at all.

Innovative. Through replication in conducting research is allowed, it is advisable that a research problem is something novel, original, and unique to attract the attention of the people and contribute to the economic development of the country.

Cost-effective. A good research problem should be economical and effective in solving the needs and problems of the society; it should also augment socio-economic and health conditions of the people and many others.

Relevance to the needs of people. Researchers must keep in mind that they conduct research not for the personal aggrandizement but to solve the needs and problems of the people.

Relevant to government’s thrusts. A research problem must respond to the government’s thrusts and also be aimed at larger good of the society.

Statement of Research Problem/Objectives

Research problem and research objectives have the same characteristics but they differ in form because the former is stated in interrogative or question form and the latter, in declarative form

The Hypotheses

Hypothesis – is defined as a wise guess that is formulated and temporarily adopted to explain the observed facts covered by the study.

Types of Hypothesis

Null Hypothesis – is a denial of an existence of a trait, characteristic, quality, value, correlation or difference of the result.

Alternative Hypothesis – is an affirmation of the existence of the observed phenomenon.


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