Six degrees of separation

Data analysis forms a crucial part for most of the research studies conducted. So how can you get appropriate and accurate for study? The six degrees of separation provides one such approach which could be explored to gather data.

The idea behind the six degrees of separation is that a person is said to be connected to any other person through a chain of no more than five intermediaries.Fig

In a world with a population of over 7 billion people, it sure seems difficult to believe that such a link could exist, but studies conducted over the years support the argument.
So let us try to get a better understanding of the concept of the six degrees of separation. A degree of separation is a measure of social distance between two people. Every person known to you is one degree away from you, every person known to that person is two degrees away from you and in this way, we arrive at six degrees of separation which involves five intermediaries.
The idea of the six degrees of separation was popularised by John Guare’s 1990 play, Six Degrees of Separation, which was later turned into a film featuring Will Smith. Recently, the concept has again come into discussion after a research conducted by Facebook and the University of Milan which assessed the relationships between more than 10 percent of the global population, that is about 721 million active users of the social network and found that the average degrees of separation was four.

fig 2

A study conducted by Wharton University of Pennsylvania found that CEOs who had back door links to someone on the company’s compensation committee received on average $453,688 more than other CEOs. The average compensation for CEOs at firms where inside and outside directors were linked in any way was greater by $612,422.

fig 3

So what does this mean to you and me? It means that we are more well-connected to each other that we ever thought. It also means that we all are influential in our own way and there’s only a need to explore and utilize these connections well. Establishing inter-personal relations with our first degree acquaintances and building on new first degree acquaintances using the existing ones is a good way to proceed.
Thus the concern, while gathering data is not really the lack of resources, but the utilization of the resources in an effective manner. Establishing inter-personal relations is surely a vital factor while making use of the six degrees of separation concept to gather data for research study.

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