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Mail-Merge using Google Spreadsheet

Mail-Merge is a process where-in personalized mails can be sent in bulk.

There are a few ways to send bulk mails through Mail-Merge.

  • Using Microsoft Outlook
  • Using Google Spreadsheet

The objective of this blog is to describe the process, pros & cons of Google mail-merge using ‘Yet another mail merge’ script.

The Process

  1. Create a spreadsheet on Google drive.
  2. Select Script Gallery in the Tools menu.
  3. Search for ‘Yet another Mail Merge’ script and install it.
  4. Create a draft mail.
  5. Mention the variables as below.

For name, mention $%Name%.

‘Name’ being the column name of the recipients list.

  1. In the spread sheet, select the standard mail merge option and click on the desired draft to start the mail merge.


  1. Unlike in Microsoft Outlook, where mails with attachments cannot be sent, using this script, personalized bulk mails with attachments can be sent.
  2. On an average around 2300 mails can be sent.
  3. A status mentioning the delivery of the mail is shown automatically in the column.


  1. Works intermittently. Needs constant monitoring.
  2. No option of stopping the process once initiated.
  3. The mail account might get disabled, if there are a lot of undelivered mails. This is a general Gmail feature not limited to mail-merge.


This method is generally used when attachments are to be sent in bulk mails. Otherwise, Microsoft Mail-merge is the preferred option.


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